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The Solo One
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Many have asked why I choose to remain solo...and there are many reasons. Some of you know a few of them, but to clear up any misunderstandings and just so you all know..I have decided to post this....

My first online game was DF2. I played under many different names to avoid being "known" for awhile. I watched squads come and go. I seen both the good and the bad, but really didnt see the point of it all. Within a couple weeks of playing BHD, I was approached to join the *420* squad. I declined..several times. But I played in their servers and enjoyed the "family" they seemed to have. I read their forums and I could see just how much they cared for each other. I decided to give it a shot. I really enjoyed my time with them. They did become more than just players, closer than friends... I began to see the point of it all. Granted, there were many things I was not used too. I was chastised for playing under another name. And some of them took the game more seriously than the point where the lines of reality and fantasy were blurred. That made me a lil' uneasy. But I dealt with it because I loved and respected them all. To this day, I still do. They gave me that extra push when I wasnt so sure of myself, held me up when I was down and stood up for me when no one else would. In return, I gave them my all and did my very best to always be there for them. What I didnt know (as well as those of us that were lower on the COC) was what was going on behind the scenes. I logged into the forum one Sunday and seen 2 resignations handed in...then 3...then within a few hours, the squad was no more. I was confused and deeply hurt that no one gave the slightest consideration to clue the rest of us in. I later found out why...and then felt betrayed. I felt we were close enough to work out anything...and this seemed so simple to correct, I guess I was mistakened. Many friendships were broken that day. In time, I hope they will mend. They all know that I stand neutral, and I am still here for all of them.
Many have joined the ~WB~ squad and have asked me to join them. Some created a new squad. =RS=, and also asked me to join.
And then there's the few of us who have decided to stay solo.

There are also personal reasons that I choose not to go into as to why I stay solo.

Bottom line... to keep peace at home, I stay keep peace with my online friends, I stay keep from being hurt that deeply again, I stay solo...